Acne Treatment

Related to topical applications and oral meds (wherever required) medicines for skin inflammation help the Acne Pigmentation to die down quicker as well as keep the development of any scars. Treatment

Acne Pigmentation Peels

Aside from the prevalent glycolic strips, we have azelaic and salicylic strip mixes just as yellow strips for quicker outcomes for Acne Pigmentation, pigmentation and scars. Blue Light

A standout amongst the most well known and most secure techniques for treating provocative skin inflammation is by utilizing blue light. It’s a LED light which can likewise be utilized for delicate skin and requires just 20 minutes to complete a full face treatment. It is one of the most secure treatment modalities of Acne Pigmentation in pregnancy.

Mole Removal

  • Little moles can be evacuated by laser removal and bigger moles with minor medical procedure.
  • Ablative Radiofrequency
  • This includes ablative electrosurgery for skin labels, DPN’s and seborrheic keratoses.
  • Tattoo Removal and Birthmark Reduction
  • You never again need to live with tattoos and pigmentations for ever. Q-exchanged

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