Chin Augmentation Treatment

Chin Augmentation Treatment In Navi Mumbai

Chin Augmentation may improve the parity and symmetry of the face and make a more full, increasingly energetic appearance. The medical procedure can likewise compliment another system, for example, a cosmetic touch up or rhinoplasty, making by and large facial parity.


With deficient jaw bone structure microgenia, your other facial highlights may look bigger than ordinary. On the off chance that you have microgenia and are rationally prepared for medical procedure, you might be a decent possibility for Chin Augmentation.

At the point when the jaw is little and an embed can't help, at that point an alternate sort of jawline medical procedure called sliding genioplasty might be prescribed. You probably won't be a possibility for jaw growth on the off chance that you have outrageous microgenia, particularly if your teeth are misaligned when your jaws are shut.


To finish the expansion utilizing an alloplastic embed, your specialist will make a cut inside the mouth along the lower lip. A pocket will at that point be made before the jaw bone between the bone and the skin. The embed is then embedded through the entry point into the pocket.

As an option, particularly for progressively serious instances of microgenia, the tip of the jawline bone can be pushed ahead. In this occurrence, the cut is made either inside the mouth or underneath the lower lip. Your specialist will cautiously choose the segment of the issue that remains to be worked out forward, at that point he will cut the jaw bone while taking consideration to limit injury to the delicate tissue. The bone piece is verified in its new position with titanium screws or wires, and sutures are put to close the entry point.

Non-careful jawline increase may likewise be performed utilizing injectable fillers, for example, Radiesse, Juvederm or Restylane.


Your treating authority will furnish you with explicit guidelines to be trailed jaw medical procedure. You will feel some inconvenience and soreness, which you can without much of a stretch control with medicine. You may need to adhere to a fluid eating regimen for multi day or two. You can continue light action the day of medical procedure.

You might be approached to keep your head raised amid this time and practice great oral cleanliness. Likewise, in this length, you should abstain from contacting your jaw. You might be endorsed anti-microbials and torment prescriptions for the principal seven day stretch of recuperation. You ought to have the capacity to come back to work and your typical action inside 7 to 10 days. You will likely have the outside swathe expelled inside seven days of medical procedure.

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