Hair Transplant (FUT) Treatment

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT Hair Transplants), or strip collecting, is a prominent hair transplant strategy at Crown Clinic. It is the system utilized for Embarrassing Bodies star Christian Jessen's hair transplants at Crown Clinic. Rather than a FUE Transplant which includes collecting singular hairs, a FUT enables the specialist to securely transplant a large number of unions in a solitary session, which amplifies the restorative effect of the strategy. Amid the hair transplant, a piece of hair is expelled from either the sides or back of the scalp and transplanted to the influenced territory.

Why have a FUT hair transplant?

33% of men lose their hair when they are 30; 40% lose it when they are 40 and the greater part of men more than 50 hint at sparseness. The vast majority of patients at Crown Clinic are men looking for a lasting solution for their hair loss. Around 10% of our patients are ladies who have encountered issues with diminishing hair, and half of ladies will endure male pattern baldness in their lives. With male pattern baldness an issue for the two sexes, the two people can profit by a FUT system.

How it functions

Amid a FUE transplant, an exceedingly experienced specialist extricates hair follicles from the giver zone, normally the back of the neck, utilizing a particular extraction instrument under 1mm in distance across. Follicles are then exchanged to the beneficiary territory on your scalp and embedded utilizing a ground-breaking stereo magnifying instrument in gatherings of one to four hairs, similarly as they develop in nature.

We treat hair transplant patients for the accompanying reasons:

  • By a wide margin the most well known reason is corrective: men find that male pattern baldness can harm their confidence and even their profession prospects. Hair transplantation is a changeless answer for this issue. The transplanted hair is exceptionally strong and should last the patient for whatever remains of his or her life.
  • Essentially all men, even those in the propelled phases of sparseness, have a perpetual horseshoe of hair on the back and sides of the scalp. This gives the specialist a steady supply of benefactor hair which can cover present and future territories of male pattern baldness.
  • We will in general work on patients matured 25 and over - by this age; we can build up what the possible example of male pattern baldness may be. Before 25, the example isn't full grown, and it isn't in the patient's best advantages to work.


  • Inside 30 minutes of the hair transplant finishing, you can return home, however we suggest that you don't drive if conceivable.
  • Because of the cutting edge hair transplantation procedures utilized at Crown Clinic, we can create results that are not really unmistakable - even under the nearest examination.
  • A FUT hair transplant will leave a scar on the scalp, however this is commonly not discernible underneath the hair of patients except if they shave their head around the scar tissue.
  • New hair development will begin to develop back around three or four months after the method. Nonetheless, it will take somewhere around six to eight months for the new hair to have any noteworthy corrective effect to your appearance.

What's in store from a Consultation

Regardless of whether you are arranging a FUT or any hair transplant methodology, it's fundamental that the procedure starts with a counsel. In case you're interested by the speed and comfort of a FUT Transplant, contact our facility to orchestrate a discussion.
This is an incredible open door for patients to meet and talk with, our specialist Dr. Asim Shahmalak. Dr Shahmalak is a standout amongst the most regarded hair transplant specialists on the planet, prestigious for his historic procedures and his agreeable and expert way.
This first gathering will assist us with preparing for your individual case and survey what we're working with. It's additionally an extraordinary chance to make any inquiries and squash any worries you may have.
A counsel will likewise enable the two gatherings to design the subsequent stages, oversee desires for the strategy and feature any dangers or issues that may happen. These counsels are fundamental for guaranteeing that you feel good and are 100% certain when you gone to the center to experience your transplant.
In case you're toward the beginning of your voyage, and you're hoping to additionally instruct yourself about hair transplants and the different methods accessible, our 'Medicines' pages are an incredible spot to begin. Here you'll discover all that you have to think about the point. You'll additionally discover contextual investigations of the different famous people that we have worked with as of late including Calum Best, footballer Didi Hamman and Gogglebox Star Chris Steed. There're likewise genuine instances of a portion of the more ordinary hair transplants we do just as data around eyebrow, eyelash, facial hair transplants and the sky is the limit from there.

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